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NuORDER is e-commerce for wholesale, creating showrooms for leading fashion brands and retailers. Pavo ensures that your data between OMS and NuORDER remains up-to-date for your buyers and sales reps.

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A NuORDER integration consists of:

  • Order download from NuORDER to OMS/Pavo for all approved orders
  • Two-way order sync so orders created on OMS/Pavo will be sent to NuORDER
  • Product listing from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER, with size/run/color attributes sent
  • Inventory and replenishment updates to NuORDER, including incoming and current quantities
  • Tracking information from an OMS Invoice to NuORDER
  • Customer upload from OMS/Pavo to NuORDER

Learn more about what the NuORDER integration with the link below.

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