Bring wholesale online.

Pavo is the exclusive way to sell products on OMS ERP to the world's leading online marketplaces.
Sell your OMS products on the leading e-commerce sites.
Take control of your online presence and branding.
Automate your orders with OMS, accessible everywhere.

Sync inventory everywhere

Pavo automatically recognizes products that have been listed on the leading sales channels, and keeps everything in sync from data in OMS. This helps to avoid overselling of items you don't have in stock.

Automate your orders

Don't spend valuable time manually inputting orders or using a CSV import. Pavo automatically receives orders from the leading sales channels and automatically creates sales orders in OMS.

Send tracking numbers effortlessly

When invoices are generated in OMS, Pavo automatically uploads the tracking number to sales channels automatically, so your B2C customers know when they'll receive your products.

Easy E-Commerce Links

Pavo integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms so you can get your sell your inventory from OMS faster.

“While we continue our B2B orders using OMS, we see that we can generate more revenue using Pavo and its e-commerce integrations."

Bob Heger,
Old Friend Footwear

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

Trusted by a growing a list of brands

Wholesalers are discovering that Pavo's integration to OMS is vital to their e-commerce strategy.

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Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, schedule a demo with our friendly reps!
What channels does Pavo integrate with?

Pavo integrates with the world's largest marketplaces and e-commerce website builders. Pavo integrates with marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon Marketplace, and, and website builders such as Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce.

We are always interested in new integrations or ways to automate your business operations. Contact us!

What is OMS ERP?

OMS (Office Master System) is the leading ERP for wholesale distributors built by Master System. OMS manages your accounting, inventory, sales orders, and fulfillment systems all in one software system, and supports wide variety of industries specializing in wholesale distribution.

Who is Pavo developed by? What relation does it have to OMS?

Pavo is developed by Master System, the company that develops OMS ERP. We are the same company moving our ERP operations to the web, and both Pavo and OMS are tightly integrated together.

As of today, OMS is required in order to use Pavo.

Is there an on-premises (local) version of Pavo I can install?

We believe that the web is the best way to serve our clients and do not offer an on-premise version of Pavo. All OMS clients who sign up for Pavo will require a one-time setup that establishes a connection between OMS and Pavo.

Who is Master System?

Founded in 1987, Master System developed and created OMS ERP, the leading ERP for wholesale distributors. More information is found at

Will you help me set up and get running?

After ensuring OMS is successfully connected and commmunicating with Pavo, we offer limited support in helping you get started launching a site, from making sure orders are synced and your products are properly connected to OMS. After you go-live, we provide ongoing support for both OMS and Pavo related questions as part of your service agreement.