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Convenient Payment Processing and Fast Funding with Cardknox

Looking to streamline invoicing and save on payment processing? Integrate your OMS system with Cardknox to accept invoice payments with ease and enjoy fast funding. In just a few clicks, OMS and Cardknox help you generate invoices and securely receive payment quickly and easily.

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Cardknox customers enjoy a host of value-added benefits:

  • Accept the Latest Payment Methods: With a range of integration options across in-person, online, and mobile channels, Cardknox provides advanced payment technology to immediately accept credit cards, ACH payments, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency.
  • Enjoy the Most Competitive Rates: Our proprietary technology supplements standard transaction data to qualify for the lowest rates possible, while internal pricing analysts consistently monitor your account to proactively detect issues that could cause rate increases.
  • Receive Funding Fast: Enjoy access to funding in just 24 business hours for a range of payment types, including Amex.
  • Safeguard Cardholder Data: Automatically maintain compliance with Payment Card Industry Data and Security Standards (PCI DSS) and avoid threats with built-in solutions for fraud and chargeback prevention.
  • Access Advanced Reporting: Get an at-a-glance view of your business with custom reporting, plus easily process and refund payments, schedule recurring payments, search transaction history, and more with the Cardknox Merchant Portal.
  • Access Cutting-Edge Technology: OMS’s partnership with Cardknox provides automatic access to the latest payment integrations and invoicing capabilities across in-person, online, and mobile sales channels.  

Are you paying too much for payment processing? Take advantage of Cardknox's complimentary statement analysis to learn how you can save! Contact us today.

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